Belis Bingo Evaluation

Belis Bingo Evaluation

Where exactly to begin with Belis Bingo? Well, we should begin with the nice things, or at the very least, the stuff that isn’t utterly awful. Then, then. Belis Bingo is a vivid purple website where you may play a variety of desktop bingo games. Unfortunately, the website is not optimized for mobile users. Due to the game’s Flash-based nature, it is barely intended for desktop gamers. Depending on the web browser you use, some website parts may simply fail to load. You may try using a different web browser, or you could apply common sense and switch bingo sites.

It is not required that every bingo site and online casino be compatible with mobile devices, but in the present year it seems odd not to provide this provision. Even puzzling is your site’s reliance on Flash to load its essential components, considering that Flash is an obsolete multimedia format that is becoming extinct.

Regarding Belis Bingo

Belis Bingo describes itself as a unique bingo site that offers less hassle, more enjoyment, and additional bingo. This is up for debate. True, bingo games may be played here, but they all seem to be tailored to the demands of the Scandinavian market, the second-biggest bingo market in Europe after Britain. Prices are listed in Swedish krona, which indicates the target audience for these games.

The site’s operator, Functional Games SA, has a Curacao-issued gambling license. The organization is headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, and payments are processed by Technical Consulting and Management services Limited, which is located in Surrey, United Kingdom. You may contact if you need customer service while using the website. There does not seem to be a live chat option or toll-free phone number available. Belis Bingo is perhaps one of the least user-friendly and least functioning bingo sites ever created.

Belis Financial

A finance page is among the numerous things lacking from Belis Bingo. There is not even a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you navigate the site. However, several payment provider logos are accessible in the bottom of the webpage, including MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, Neteller, and iDeal. Presumably, these are your deposit choices, and probably your withdrawal possibilities as well. As for the real deposit and withdrawal limits, there is no way to find out unless you are willing to write an email to customer care. Likewise, good luck estimating how long it takes to process withdrawal requests.

Although there is no banking page on the site, Belis Bingo provides statistics on the number of players who are presently online, which is normally in the low hundreds, as well as recent winners and the games they won these amounts on. This is all very pleasant to observe, however such data might be regarded as non-important information, in contrast to the absence of true critical information such as banking.

“VIP” Extras

There are incentives available at Belis Bingo, however there is no promotions link at the top of the screen, which is uncommon and maybe unique. It is quite rare to see a bingo site that does not clearly offer a welcome bonus. It is conceivable that this information appears at the top of the page in the Flash component of the site that is inoperable. Given that this reviewer was unable to show that portion of the website in several web browsers, it is fair to infer that you will have similar difficulties. However, if you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, you will get a limited bit of information under a tab named Coming Up.

If you are able to navigate the unintuitive structure, you will discover a variety of information on deposit methods. Confusingly, this section’s heading states, “As a VIP client, you get 20% on all deposits.” This is a standard message provided to all site visitors, so don’t feel too special. According to the jumbled wording in this box, there seems to be a 100% bonus available at specific hours on Monday, as well as additional promotions throughout the week. This may go down in history as the most incomprehensible promotional section ever created for a website. In other words, Belis Bingo is a complete muddle with meaningless promos that are tough to interpret.

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